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Voter Registration Statistics
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Voter Registration Statistics
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Canvassing Board

  1. Brenda Chilton, Auditor

  2. Reid Hay, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

  3. James Beaver, Commissioner (chair)

Important Dates

July 7 Online Registration Deadline
July 16 Ballots Mailed
July 28 In-Person Registration Deadline
August 5 Election Day
August 19 Certification of Results

Return Percentage

Active Voters Inactive Voters Projected Turnout
96,842 10,631 44%

Stats for voters eligible for Primary only.

Detailed Ballot Return Statistics

Return Totals Expected Total Drop Box Mail
July 21        
July 22        
July 23        
July 24        
July 25        
July 28        
July 29        
July 30        
July 31        
August 1        
August 4        
August 5        
August 6        

Information about Ballot Measurers

Benton County - Proposition No. 14-5
Resolution for Election District Map
Previous Sales and Use Tax Ballot Measures
November 2007 0.2% Additional police officers, reducing court congestion and funding mental health treatment programs and drug court operations Failed
November 1995 0.1% Expansion & operation of juvenile detention and jail facilities Passed
Current Tax Rates Provided by the Benton County Assessor's Office
Levy Unincorp. Sales Tax City Sales Tax
$1.28 .077% .083%
Fire Protection District No. 4 - Proposition No. 14-6
Resolution District Map
Previous Ballot Measures
November 2008 $0.50 Regular emergency medical services property tax levy Passed
November 2008 $3,000,000 Bond to renovate fire stations and acquire equipment Failed
Current Tax Rates Provided by the Benton County Assessor's Office
Levy EMS
$1.50 .468%

Information about Candidates

Each candidate was given the opportunity to submit a brief candidate statement, photo, and video. To ensure you have as much information as possible, we have compiled the candidate information, campaign finance information, and social media information into the Primary Online Voters' Pamphlet.

Benton County Auditor's Office
PO Box 470
Prosser, WA 99350
(509)736-3085 or (509) 786-5618

Auditor's Office Locations:

Kennewick - 5600 W Canal Dr - (509) 736-2727

Richland - 101 Wellsian Way Ste E - (509) 222-3736

Prosser - 620 Market St - (509) 786-5620